Website Migrations By Hosting Experts

A free website migration service provided by us

We help you move everything such as files, databases and e-mails

Transfer your website in hours, not days - zero downtime

Grab a coffee, site back and relax while we move your site!

Hassle Free Website Migrations to FastCow

As a fully managed Web Hosting provider, we want to ensure you get the best of our service and for that reason, you get a 100% hassle-free migration service managed by our in-house dedicated migrations team. We double-check everything is as is and get you online promptly.

Zero Downtime

Once we start transferring you over, we will ensure your site remains online during the move.

Migrate From Any Host

We can migrate from any current hosting provider you may be with and on any control panel, all we require is the control panel logins and our team will deal with the rest.

More Than One Website?

Transfer as many sites over as you require, we have no limits and provide a free migration service to you. Contact us today for more info.


Majority of websites have  databases, we transfer the whole database so you dont need to worry about it yourself.

Migrate Quickly

Once you've raised a migration ticket upon signing up, we begin the process of migrating your website. It's a very simply process and if we do require anything, we will contact you.

E-mail Accounts

We have an inhouse IMAP sync tool in which we move all of your current emails to us, there is zero downtime so you can happily carry on working as is.

Quick & Easy Website Migrations

Step 1.

Place your order

Sign up for one of our hosting packages depending on your requirements, you can contact us if you are stuck and need help.

Step 2.

Open a migration ticket

A migration request can be submitted through our client area which is available once you've ordered a package or registered. In the ticket, please outline what you'd require to be transferred to us, including details of your current hosting company control panel logins and anything extra that you may need to let us know of. Once you've submitted the ticket, an agent will confirm all the details provided and we will let you know if we have any questions.

Step 3.

Review and complete

Once everything has been migrated and confirmed by us, we will provide you with a preview link which you can have a look at before changing the nameservers to us. Once your happy and can confirm everything has been moved over correctly, you can change over to our nameservers which means your domain will be pointing to our servers going forward.

Our nameservers are as followed and are white-labelled:

Our Plans

Web Hosting

First class reliable hosting for small, medium websites and businesses.


Managed Wordpress Hosting

High level WordPress hosting, the best home for your WordPress website.


Managed Servers

Managing multiple websites? Check out our Managed server packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will you be able to migrate my website across ?

We can start straight away once you've raised a migration ticket, one of our migration experts will be assigned your ticket and will begin the process. In any case, do we require anything, we will let you know - for most of it, it's straight forward and easy.

What details do you require to help me move ?

We will require access to your existing hosting control panel.

Can I make sure my website is fine before I switch nameservers ?

Yes, we can provide you with a preview link for you to view your website on our servers before you proceed to update the nameservers. You can be sure it's exactly as is and then proceed to update the nameservers as the final step.

Will my website go down while you migrate ?

No, your website will remain online including your emails while we run the migration.

Would you be able to transfer my down over too ?

Yes, without any issues. Once we've done the migration and updated the nameservers then we can help you migrate your domain across too.

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