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We've enhanced and tweaked our platform to be WordPress first. Whether your a WordPress start up or a established website utilising WordPress, FastCow's Managed WordPress Hosting will deliver.


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Put together perfectly for bloggers and new startups, free migration and everything you'll need to get going.


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1 WordPress site

25 GB NVMe storage

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Visitors


The perfect package for a single website pre-loaded with WordPress, SSL and e-mails.


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WordPress sites

50 GB NVMe storage

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Bandwidth


If you require a little more space and power, our scale package is the ideal solution.


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10 WordPress sites

75 GB NVMe storage

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Bandwidth


Our best performance package which comes with high end performance and space.


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Wordpress sites

200 GB NVMe storage

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Bandwidth

Fully Loaded Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress packages built for performance, join us today to see an increase in page speed by 20x from your current host.

Easy WordPress Management & Tools

WordPress Hosting Experts

We've spent months building out the best WordPress hosting infrastructure. We ensure you will get a high-end performance backed by security and speed.

Daily Free Backups

A full backup is taken every 24 hours and off-loaded on to our off-site datacenter which is then held for 30 days. You can easily restore files, databases or any emails easily.

Site Management & Analytics

Monitor performance easily with metrics, resource consumption, speed, cache and more.

Upgrades & Migration Assistance

Part of our fully managed WordPress hosting packages comes with our incredible in-house monitoring system and support. All websites are monitored, upgraded as part of our managed service and kept up to date with plugins and themes.

All Managed WordPress Hosting packages include


Auto Updates

Free SSL


24/7 pro-active






30 day

Money Back

Why choose FastCow for WordPress?

Free SSL Certificates

With every site you host, we provide a free SSL certificate which is installed automatically.

Premium Control Panel

Easily manage all aspects of your website with our control panel, specially made around WordPress hosting.

Free Daily Backups

A full copy of your account is taken every 24 hours and stored in a off-site datacenter.

PHP Versions

Multiple PHP versions are available from secure PHP 5 to the latest 8+!

Staging Websites

Make changes, edits on a copy of your website and when you are happy - push those changes live without effecting the live site.

Install WordPress Easily

Install a fresh WordPress site in seconds, once signed up - you can have a WordPress site launched in under 60 seconds.

Why Our Clients Love Us

No matter the scope, if it's hosting - we'll handle it.


of websites are using WordPress


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is WordPress Hosting ?

WordPress is a free opensource CMS (Content management software) launched in 2003. It was one of the most popular used CMS's which is used by over 835 million users globally which in turn converts to 43.1% of all websites on the internet. To start building a website with WordPress, you are required to have a web hosting environment which is something we can offer to you. When selecting a host, ensure that the host has the capabilities to host WordPress. Our Managed WordPress hosting packages are the best fit for performance and affordability and for that reason we have over 10,000 hosted websites under our care.

What WordPress Hosting package is best for me ?

We have 3 packages and all depend on your requirements. If you are starting up a new website or a business, our basic package would be the best to go at and build up a website. If you already have a website which is either an e-commerce-based or a high-traffic WordPress site our scale or professional packages will suit you best. If you are still stuck and require some assistance, please contact us on our live chat and a member of our technical sales team can help you right away.

Can you help me migrate over my WordPress Hosting website ?

To migrate to FastCow, it's easy and very simple. Simply sign up for your preferred package and raise a migration ticket. Please ensure to provide us with your current web hosting companies login details including your domain registrar and we can handle the rest. Majority of our users have been migrated over in 2 hours with no downtime.

My Domain name is elsewhere, can I migrate it across to FastCow ?

We are more than happy to manage your domain name, upon signing up you can transfer your domain name across. If you select a yearly paid plan, your domain name will be free for as long as you host with us.

Is it easy for me to upgrade my plan if i am required to do so ?

Sure, please contact us by raising a ticket or calling us in and we can help you upgrade within minutes at no downtime caused to you.

How do I install WordPress on my hosting account ?

All managed WordPress hosting packages come with WordPress pre-loaded, we also have various tools in which you can use within our control panel to get you installing a brand new WordPress website within 2 minutes. It's easy, simple and quick!

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