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Advanced WordPress Updates

FastCow will ensure to keep all of your WordPress files, themes, plugins & core files up-to-date. We manage and maintain all aspects of your WordPress website when hosted with us.

Advanced WordPress Update Features

Automatic WordPress Updates

Never worry about updating any core files, themes or plugins. We take your website hosting seriously and manage everything from top to bottom.

Daily Backups

A powerful website backup system which we store on a daily backups, we take backups of your files, databases and e-mail accounts and store them for 30 days.

Stress-free Website Updates

Get hassle-free website updates with zero downtime. We carefully monitor each website to ensure they are hack-proof with our core systems in place.

Easy User Management

Easily add, delete and manage WordPress users and accounts directly from our control panel at any given time.

Enhanced FastCow Security

Security, patches and updates is an on-going routine here, we ensure you have the latest tools you require to make your WordPress website journey a success.

WordPress Plugin Management

Install, manage and update new or old plugins directly from our control panel. Within seconds, you can now upgrade or remove plugins at any given time.

Why Automatic WordPress Updates?

Plugins Security

Ensuring your WordPress plugins are up to date is essentially as important as ensuring your website remains online.

Save Time

With our automated systems, WordPress updates allow you to save time and effort. You can focus your time in engaging with your customers or visitors instead of figuring out plugin issues.

New WordPress Features

FastCow allows you to always ensure you can reap the best from the latest WordPress features and improvements that are released.

Automated WordPress Updates with Managed WordPress Hosting

Our managed WordPress Hosting have features that are better than a traditional Web Hosting company. We ensure everything is up to date, new features are released to allow you to save time and ensure you can focus on the things that require more focus such as content or your business. Partner with us today and see how we can help you.

Why Our Clients Love Us

No matter the scope, if it's hosting - we'll handle it.

  • Great Service - Proactive Friendly Support

    I am impressed by their customer service and how they went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy service. They most definitely deserve 5 stars!

    Jason Hope

    Rug Carpets & Tilers

    Impressive Start

    Work ethic and customer service, I can't believe it's taken me so many years to find a host that actually treats their customers with decency and a worth while product worth paying for.

    F Chamadiya

    The Whitechapel Hotel

  • Sal is brilliant

    Sal is brilliant. I rarely write Trustpilot reviews and will update as time goes on but he has been a fantastic guy to work with to date, look forward to giving more and more work to the team!

    Amazing company and service especially...

    Amazing company and service especially the service from the team is outstanding. Never have I come across such efficient agents they get straight to it - overly pleased will recommend to friends and family.
    Sana Dil
    LHB HairDressing
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