Why Choose FastCow Hosting

FastCow was founded by hosting entrepreneurs who started fiddling with servers over two decades ago.


Hosted Websites

7 Minutes

Avg. Ticket Replies

5 TB+

Deployed RAM


Website Uptime

What Makes
FastCow Better

FastCow is filled with team members who wish to provide an exceptional web hosting service. We share the same values from day one and are driven to provide a hosting service at its best.

FastCow was founded by entrepreneurs who had a vision to provide a fully managed service from the very start of a customer's online journey. Helping you gain an online presence and being with you at each and every step is what we are known best for.

Wrangling Top Talent
into Hosting Rangers.

A FastCow member isn't born, they're made. By handpicking only those with a spark and zest for a challenge, we nurture them into mavens of the web. Through rigorous training and a collaborative spirit, we ensure that when you interact with us, you're engaging with nothing but the best.

Fastcow's Global Herd
Local Service, Worldwide Reach

FastCow spans the globe to bring you a service that feels local, no matter where you are. Our international perspective gives us the edge in delivering diverse, culturally-rich solutions. We plan to expand into different countries in the near future to provide a truly global service.


Websites Hosted


Cloud Servers


Monitored Websites


Happy Customers

Our Shared Values Are The Pasture Where Our Strength Grows.

Care in Every Action

We nurture every relationship with kindness, tending to our team, clients, community, and the green fields we call home.

Purpose-Driven Work

Fueled by curiosity and passion, we aim to leave hoofprints that matter, driving change and making a solid impact.

Universal Respect

Every soul under the vast sky is valued here. We celebrate diversity, embracing all backgrounds with open barn doors.

Surpass the Expected

Every task is a chance to lasso the stars. We push the boundaries, striving to deliver a service that wow

Technological Trailblazers

We're not just part of the herd. We lead it, pioneering new frontiers in tech to redefine what's possible in our field.

Fastcows Stamp of Excellence Premium Innovation, Expert Support.

When the finest in the field join forces at FastCow, excellence is a given. We’re a crew that drives innovation, hones sharp expertise, and delivers service that’s a cut above the rest. Check out our blog for the latest tech roundups and expert insights.

Green Powered Hosting

The right direction towards a better tomorrow

We are committed to environmental responsibility. Our eco-friendly initiatives include sustainable practices in hosting management. Customers appreciate our dedication to combating climate change, making us their preferred choice for a green and conscientious online presence.

A Green-Minded Team

We promote and encourage all FastCow team members to be green first and help as a company where possible.

We Plant Trees

We have partnered up with Ecologi which are the UK's leading climate platform. We plant 1 tree every month for every customer who host with us!

Our Office Locations

(24x7x365 support)

London, United Kingdom

India, Mumbai

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